‘melancholia’ is available to download

A small side-project, ‘melancholia’ module, is available to download . Python module ‘melancholia’ is able to print NumPy arrays into a variable or a file in a nice, human-readable way.

The module is available on GitHub , module’s documentation is here .

Please take a look on two examples of NumPy arrays printed with ‘melancholia’: 2-dimensional arrays and 1-dimensional arrays . User decides about numbers format, delimiters, line wrapping etc.

Here are some examples of using ‘melancholia’ in Python programs.

New reconstruction algorithm implemented

Iterative Reweighted Least Squares (IRLS) algorithm is added to RxCS software. This implementation of the IRLS allows to solve an l1 optimization problem using an l2 solver. You can find the IRLS algorithm implemented in Python on GitHub. An example of using IRLS to solve an underdetermined system is here.

A wrapper which employs IRLS to solve a compressed sensing problem is also availabe on GitHub, an example of usage is here.